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        Intelligent traffic means a service system facing traffic transportation based on modern e-information technology. It is to carry out management, control and supporting of all the aspects of traffic fields like traffic management, traffic transportation and public travelling during the overall process of traffic construction management by fully using the technology in Internet of Things, clouds computing, automatic control, mobile internet in the traffic field and to allow the traffic system to has the capacities of sensing, interconnection, analysis, prediction and control in regional, urban zone and even larger scope of time and space and fully ensure the traffic safety, display the efficacy and capacity of traffic infrastructure, increase the traffic system operation efficiency and management level, provide sustainable economic development services for smooth public trip.

        智慧交通應用系統設計Intelligent traffic application system design 

                道路監控       Road monitoring

                交通控制       Traffic control

                警務管理       Police management

                動態信息服務   Dynamic information service

                支撐管理       Supporting management

                車輛監控       Vehicle monitoring

                集成管理       Integral management

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