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                Intelligent water supply is to extract various basic information and data and business operation data and concentrate to transmit them to the database with comprehensive management information platform as the core and GIS technology as the foundation and then form systematic digital network management for internal enterprises, and the information system of service and decision-making by means of information exchange and communication and carrying out overall information integration for the business information involved in water supply company and finally realize information intelligent recognition, positioning, tracing, monitoring, computing, management, emulation, prediction and management. The implementation of intelligent water supply can carry out management, service and decision-making of water supply in a more exquisite, dynamic and intelligent mode to assist the water supply management to reach the status of intelligence.
         智慧水務綜合業務應用系統Intelligent water supply comprehensive business application system 

        水資源管理  Water resources management

        防汛指揮    Flood-proof commanding

        供水管理    Water supply management

        排水管理    Drainage management

        農水管理    Management of farmland irrigation and water conservancy

        水質采集    Water quality acquisition

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